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Creating a bit of structure!

I think that is what gardeners call it!  Lindy suggested that I put some photos up to show what Roo (the wonderful!) has done to the garden.  It doesn't look particularly impressive but he assures me that given a couple of years, the beds will be full of fairly maturing plants.  I'll take his word for it.  At present I can see lots of gaps and a need to fill those with bedding plants and so on during this summer. Garden%201.JPG But I love the shapes of the beds and I love the pretty woodland corner which is in its infancy.  We used to have a Chiminea which Dick loved to get burning on a chilly, early summer's evening but during the winter, together with a friend, I moved it onto a piece of ground which was obviously soft and woke to find it on its side and broken!  It was a sad day - especially as I had bought it as a Christmas present for Dick several years ago and he had loved it.  Roo came up with the idea of leaving the top on its side and planting a few shrubs around it and then having Erigeron daisies pouring out of the mouth.  We are waiting still for the daisies to be delivered as well as two more shrubs for the woodland corner.





I am hoping that we shall be able to sit out there for a few hours when the weather warms up and already have managed a few cups of coffee and even a lunch out there!

We have had a lot of visitors in the last week so coffee and lunches have been the order of the day.  It is lovely to see everyone but I am going to block off a day every week for no visitors as Dick gets very tired but would hate to have less people pop round.  They are SO appreciated.

I am looking forward to the next couple of weeks as the walls of the garage and the fence are heaving with clematis buds and it should look very pretty.  The lawn could do with a cut but we need a couple of very dry days and according to the weather forecast, it isn't going to oblige us with that soon!

Talking of weather, here is a photo of our front garden when the snows came last week.  I think it is the first time since we have lived in Winchester that we have had snow that has settled although it didn't last for long!Snow2.JPG

Dick is having daily physio to help with the swelling in his left chest, arm and abdomen.  It takes a long time to work through it all and most of our morning is taken up with getting the daily routines worked through so that he is comfortable for the rest of the day.  Fortunately his pain control is working well now so the quality of his days is better and he has managed a couple of trips to the shops - mainly under the supervision of Tom!

Hope you all have a good weekend.  I am quilting and relaxing.  Hope you are doing the latter too!


What to say?

We have had a good weekend.  Dick was able to attend church yesterday and also ate a hearty lunch.  The joys of steroids! At least he gets to eat well and in the main, enjoy his food.  He is being totally indulged and has steadily eaten his way through a box of Hotel Chocolat chocolates.  Just a couple every day.  Total bliss - so he tells me!  (Of course my halo is shining and I merely get them out and put them away but NEVER taste them!)  But in typical fashion he pushed himself too far and today has paid the price of being breathless and having little energy.  He managed a trip out for a hair cut and a trip to PC World.  No coffee, just looking at gadgets which is probably better in his eyes!

We are both very touched by all the comments and encouragement we have had from you all.  How kind of you "lurkers" to come out and show yourselves! It is wonderful to know that we are so supported by you all. 

The garden was given a real face-lift today by our new gardener.  (Doesn't that sound grand!) But the beds needed lots of attention and planting and as we are spending so little money on our day to day living these days, we thought we would splash out and perhaps get it ready for the summer.  Mind you, what with holidays on the Isle of Wight and silk fabric, we just have to live on beans on toast for a while!  Like a dutiful gardener I rushed out this evening to cover my beautiful peiris plants to protect them from the frosts that we expect tonight.  If they survive, I may just take a photo of them!



This and that!

I promised photos of the place we stayed in the Isle of Wight.  The one I posted on here doesn't do it justice so here in its glory is the lovely place we stayed last weekend (for those who asked for details, see the follow-up on the last post!)Hermitage%20small.JPG  You can see why we liked it!  The views were astounding and the tranquility was great. 

Given that the day that this photo was taken was grey and overcast, it has come out well.  Thanks to Steve for taking it as getting out and about to do these things was a little difficut at the time but he set off with the camera and took some lovely shots.

I also promised photos of the fabrics bought during our shopping spree.  Taking the photos was difficult as the stunning thing about them is the way that they catch the light and I am not totally convinced that I have managed to capture that with these offerings but heyho!  The first fabric is what I shall be making my dress for Nikky's party in.  It is light, summery and I love it.  The pattern is this one.dress%20pattern.jpg  It isn't difficult and is fairly forgiving for those lumps and bumps which may of us girlies have as time progresses!

Anyway, I intend to start making it soon once my machine has been serviced.  It has started skipping stitched when I do a long run and it makes life a little awkward.



I thought that the second fabric could be made into some thing more wearable in the winter although of course it could do summer too.  They are lovely to handle and I am a little nervous of making the dress up with them because of their delicate nature but also excited to see how it all turns out.

I have been working on a quilt for a while which is the Cinnamon Stars quilt and over the last year have posted various pictures of my progress.  Here is the latest one which will be the last before it is finished.  I just have the border to put on although there is applique on each of the corners.  It is only when I look at it like this that I realise just how much work has gone into it but I am pleased with it and know it will look lovely on the bed.



Finally, I need to keep you up-to-date with the outcome of our visit to the Oncologist yesterday.  Dick decided, with my support, that he will not have any further treatment from the hospital.  It has been a tough decision but made in consciousness of our determination, that it will not be about the "the number of days in our life" but rather the amount of "life in our days".  Chemotherapy will offer very little but will take much.  We know that time is becoming limited but we will not compromise that with false hopes for a few weeks more here or there.  It was a tough and fairly emotional day for us but Dick and I are happy that he has made the right decision.  So now it is making sure that we can enjoy every day - even if only having a coffee out and trying to keep Dick as pain-free as possible.  Bring on that sunshine! 


Home and away

It's been a mixed week.  Dick has had a good day or so but several days of discomfort.  He has lymph oedema in his arm and round his shoulder and neck and it is uncomfortable for him.  He is using his oxygen a lot of the time but tried to be positive and upbeat.  Today we are going to the hospital for a consultation with the Oncologist so it will be tiring for everyone.

I managed a trip to London mid-week to buy some fabric for a long dress for Nikky's party next month.  We had a lovely girlie day, visiting all sorts of fabric shops - some elegant and sophisticated (By royal appointment don't you know??) and others more cosmopolitan and accessible.  We finally ended up buying my material in a Sudanese shop!  Silk chiffon and crepe.  Chiffon for the dress and the crepe for the underlining and lining.  In fact the material was so cheap compared to my expectations that I bought enough for two!  It will keep.  Photos to come.

Tom took Dick out to town while I was away and they had a lovely day.  It is such a treat for them to have some quality time.  Ben finishes work today and has two week's holiday so I am hoping they might enjoy some boy's moments together.

At last I have got back into some quilting.  Everything has been on hold for the last month but I decided that I really must get going with it all and make some in-roads into the fabrics which are awaiting my attentions.

Thank you to everyone who has commented on my blog.  Dick really enjoys reading them.  Please don't visit regularly without letting us know that you are there, it so lifts our spirits to know that you are cheering us on.  I met a couple of people during last week's events who knew so much about us because they are regular blog readers but they had never felt able to post.  Well, post many of you that can!  It just means so much to us all.

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