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After the dyeing the washing and ironing.......

I hate ironing. I loathe the futile action of uncrumpling something which I shall only crumple rapidly again once I wear it.  But ironing dyed and printed fabric is very exciting.  You never quite know what you have created until it has been washed many times in cold and warm water and then washed in a washing machine.  I did all this faithfully last night once I got home and this morning it was all dried and ready for me to iron.

Firstly I did the 15 pieces I have created from dyeing fabric in different strength of brown dye and then over-dyeing with different strength of turquoise dye.  It is a very disciplined approach.  Everything has to be super-organised and labelled.  Why? Because with these fabrics I am starting to create my library of dyes and colours.  I hope to work my way gently through lots of these combinations so that in the future when I need a specific colour, I shall know exactly how to create it. Want a skirt in a specific colour? Come and see me.........but not quite yet, unless you want it in shades of brown/turquoise.

Remember these?

These are metre length of fabric which I dyed on day one of the course.  They are all the same colour brown dye but made up in different strengths.  I cut up the fabric into fat quarters and then dyed them in turquoise in different strengths. Between them they made 15 colours. Have a look at the outcome:

The ones on the left are the turquoise on white fabric and the ones on the right are the brown on white fabric.  The rest are a combination of different strengths of brown and turquoise. More for the stash!

I also did a little tray dyeing.  I just love these fabrics.  I will over-dye them at least once or twice more to make the colours richer.

The first one was pleated into a tray and scrunched on one end and the dyes dripped over it and pushed into the folds.

I just love the richness of the colours.  

This one was twirled using the end of a spoon into a Chelsea Bun type of arrangement:


I am pleased with the spider-like detail which was just a couple of drips of dark brown dye.  The rest is acid yellow and royal blue and black!

Finally this is a little washed out and not the best of the three but it will perk up once I over dye it with something else.


I think I need to lie down in a darkened room!

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