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Walking in the wild woods

Gosh I am tired!  I have just returned from a wonderful 2 days with Stephanie Redfern, doing a two day course at The Bramble Patch.  The shop is located at Weedon in Northamptonshire so I begged a bed from lovely Beverley and carted my fabric and art supplies up there and went with great anticipation to the workshop. Stephanie Redfern's work is among my favourite.  I suppose technically she is a mixed media artist but the boundaries merge in so many ways and she is always at the Festival of Quilts so it is tricky to know exactly where her work sits.  Wherever it sits (and some of it sits in my sitting room!), it is fabulous.

Our two days covered painting, stamping, printing onto cloth and creating various fabrics and media to create our picture of a Wildwood. As I have been at Committed to Cloth I felt more confident in creating fabrics and was very pleased with my outcomes. I spent time creating a design.  The fabric which I created last time I went to Committed to Cloth felt very inspiring, especially when linked with a photograph which I took in La Gomera of the rainforest.  For the first time ever, I really enjoyed using my sketchbook, made various overall designs, focused on some of the detail, auditioned fabrics and generally really engaged with it all.

Some of my fellow students were very experienced in working in this medium and I felt a little intimidated.  Here are a few of their outcomes. Isn't it amazing how they all came from the same starting point?


These two are very different but both very attractive. With the one above, I love the way that the details overlap from the central piece into the surround.

Mine is very different. Big blowsy and in yer face!

I have lots of work still to do - stitching by machine and by hand.  Some beads and generally trying to make the piece look as if it is a real work of art!! To be honest, I've had such fun and enjoyed it so much, if it turns out to anything worthwhile, it will be a bonus!

Isn't it pretty? It was fascinating to see how everyone worked.


I found the whole course really enjoyable even though at one point I was so out of my comfort zone that I felt vaguely tearful! But a few well chosen works from Stephanie encouraged me to resolve the problem.  All the element are attached to bondaweb to make it easier to cut them accurately and to enable them subsequently to be attached to the background.

I can't wait to get stitching!!


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