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ViewSeven - Menier Gallery

Those who follow this blog (despite its sporadic entries!) will know that I have loved the work I have done this year with Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan at Committed to Cloth.  I have felt inspired and challenged, every step of the way but their work is so stunning and - yes - inspirational that I have felt that if I were able to emulate even a small amount of their outcomes, I would have achieved something.

This week, they, together with their fellow textile artists from the group, View Seven, are exhibiting at the Menier Gallery in London, near London Bridge.  I really recommend it.  The work is beautiful and the artists are all present so you can talk to them and find out how, what, why etc.

I met up with two of my fellow students from the Wet and Wild course at Committed to Cloth.  It was lovely to go around together, sharing thoughts and opinions together.  Sadly neither Janine or Carol will be continuing next year - pressure of outside commitments prevents them - but I shall be having a year of independent study.

So here are a few photos from the exhibition:

This stunning quilt is by Daline Kiff-Stott.  It is called Tic Tac Toe.  All the fabric is hand dyed and printed.  Daline uses found-objects in her work and the lovely circles are monoprinted with a painted jar lid.  It is a deceptive piece.  It seems very geometric and regular until you look carefully and you will see that all the quilting is very organic, following shapes created by the dyeing and printing.  The large circles of stitch are done by hand using seed stitch and seem to hover over the surface of the design.  The depth of colour on the fabric is wonderful - many layered and the more you gaze at it, the more you see.  It is simply one of my favourite pieces of all time.

Claudia Helmer created this lovely piece using paper lamination. This is a technique which I used to create a stencil with for the piece I showed recently, called Hot Air.  Instead of using her paper lamination to print through, as I did, she has used the actual paper lamination sheer as the top of the wall hanging.  It has two free-hanging layers which are beaded and hand-stitched.

And doesn't this piece seem to be the exact counter-point to the previous one?  Yet, the quality of the workmanship is identical and the use of colour is fabulous. It is by Karen Farmer and is a stunning piece of art.  I was lucky enough to buy two small pieces by her which are totally different and yet perfect for the room which I intend them to go into.  They are small so will be framed.


As you can see the work was wonderful. I have not uploaded work from all the artists.  Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan's work deserves a little space of their own, given that they have influenced and taught me all year!



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