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Lovely days of sewing, friends and challenges

No photos today!  Just a quick acknowledgement that throughout this year I have had a lot of fun with my lovely friends who come to quilt with me once a month on a Saturday.  They started out mostly as beginners although I somehow acquired a dear friend who is very experienced, as part of the class and then subsequently another friend joined who already had some experience.  So all in all, we are somewhat of a motley crew!

What is not in doubt is that we are all enjoying learning together. Once the studio was built, it provided me with the perfect space to invite friends to join me to sew.  We all fit around the tables and I put up a couple of machines in the kitchen and they, together with the one in the studio give us enough machines for everyone to sew when they want to.  

As time has gone on, we have all progressed at different rates.  That doesn't mean that some learn quicker than others, but rather, that some have more time available and can make more opportunities for sewing.

So here we are at the end of the year, still working on our sampler quilt but nearing the end of the block-making! (We have just started block number 11 - we are making 12!) and next year we shall get into the challenging aspects of inserting sashing, cornerstones, borders and then layering the quilt ready for quilting. I really enjoy having them with me, it is such a pleasure.

I also have two other friends who join me during the week, once a month and that too is just such a special time. They can't make it at the weekend but that is good too as we would be too many for the studio!

So thank you all for your company and friendship.  I am hoping that next time we meet, I can take photos of their work to share with you.

We had our end of year party and show-and-tell evening at Wessex Quiltmakers.  It was a lovely evening and the standard of the work shown was amazing.  Some very inspiring stuff was on display and what I found most interesting was the range of work shown.

Finally a couple of months ago I started to work on my piece for the Region 3 challenge "Sea Blue", I spent about 4 hours on it today and I have to say it has been a total pleasure.  It is challenging and I am definitely working on the edge of my comfort zone but I am loving the work and feeling very positive about it.  No pictures - for obvious reasons! Well...........perhaps just the one!

A few notes about fabric from my sketchbook!



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