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End of an era

Well, I spent yesterday afternoon and this evening emptying our summer house.  Such a glamorous name for a building that was a slightly up-market shed! However, for 20 years, it has housed garden furniture, provided refuge from the wind on a sunny day, and generally been well loved by the family. Sadly its life is coming to an end.  It is being pulled down on Friday and is making way for a studio which is being built in its place.  One good shove should do it!  I discovered that the water is pouring through the roof, the floor is rotten and it is generally in a sorry state.  I am certainly not taking action before its time.

So in its place is going to be a beautiful log cabin type studio: insulated (yay!), heated (yay!) with electricity and day-light bulbs (yay and yay again!) and a proper laminated floor!. I have decided to spend my pennies providing myself with somewhere purpose built for my quilting.  It will be about 21 foot long and 13 foot 6 inches at one end, narrowing to 8 foot six inches at the other. I haven't yet planned the storage properly but it is coming along and with the help of my Scandinavian friend with the meatballs, I am sure we shall get it sorted.

I may hold workshops in it for small groups but I want to get a feel for it once it is done.

Piccies to follow.

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