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His Master's Voice

Hi, Dick here, I thought it was about time I said a word or two.

Four weeks ago I had some serious diving plans and had to make sure I was in good condition, I felt OK but just a little short of breath and decided that I should perhaps see a doctor. The rest of the story has been so eloquently told by Sally and our shock at the final diagnosis has been dwarfed by the enormous gratitude that we feel for the amazing support that we have received from so many of our families, friends, Freemasons and scrappers. Of course many fall into several “categories”.

It is almost impossible to describe the strength that we have all drawn from the huge support that we have received from you all. Although I have only just started to read Sally’s blog she used to visit every day and pass on your best wishes, encouragement and occasional abuse for malingering.

It was quite staggering how many of you came to visit me in Winchester and/or Southampton . The nursing staff were as shocked as I was at the numbers and I got many a waggly finger for overdoing things and told to sit down or get back into bed. No chance: the talking was therapeutic and helped clear the lungs. Many thanks even to the two who ate my lunch one day (OK so I did encourage you but don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story).

I am now ready for the fight ahead and I do so fortified by the magnificent support of Sally, Ben, Tom and all of you.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


Getting set up

It is just so lovely to have Dick home.  He is being spoilt rotten as he deserves and today we went into Southampton and ordered a new TV.  Of course we haven't just had any Tv.  We have a High Definition Plasma screen jobbie which is huge   (43").  I am now having palpitations about where it will go and whether we shall need to  buy a new house to accommodate it.  If all else fails I could erect tiered seating under a marquee on our newly flattened lawn and sell tickets for the World Cup.  i knew that popcorn maker would come in handy at some time!  At least Dick will be able to watch some lovely DVDs and sport.  As someone pointed out, he will almost feel he has to duck when he is watching the cricket.  Mind you another friend said she thought we were becoming Chavs and she might have to consider whether she could associate with us or not!!

I am delighted to report that Dick is taking things carefully and slowly.  He needs to build up his strength and pace himself but he is so pleased to be home.  Monty is glad to have his master home too.  As I write, he is sitting on Dick's lap, sound asleep.  It's a good feeling, which we are all enjoying.



Home Sweet Home

At last Dick has come home.  It is lovely to have him here.  After nearly 4 weeks in hospital, he couldn't get out quickly enough!  He has enjoyed the company of the boys and one or two visitors but undoubtedly the highlights of his day were the gift of a bottle of 16 year old Lagavulin Whisky from my father and his time in the pub with the boys.  After 8 years, 3 months and 3 days he is back on the alcohol.  He always refused to take it because of the penicillin which he takes for his lack of spleen but now his attitude is "Stuff it" and he intends to enjoys it.  The boys were thrilled to got to the pub for a pint with their dad.

Monty needed a trip to the vet today.  He had a sore eye after his shenanigans yesterday and was listless.  The eye was quite inflamed and sore so he had an injection and we have the twice daily game of trying to get eye drops into his eye.  He has picked up hugely this afternoon and was over the moon to have Dick home.

I am thinking about scrapping again so will need to get my head around how and what I am going to do.  I think an album celebrating our 25 years of marriage would be a fine start.  It will be fun reminiscing.


Acceptance is not submission; it is acknowledgement of the facts of a situation. Then deciding what you're going to do about it

The title of tonight's entry might just give you a clue as to where we are.  Dick had the results of his biopsy and the news is not good.  He had been hoping to be a candidate for radical surgery - the only chance of any cure.  The critical factor is the type of mesothelioma cells which he has.  There a two types and for the sake of ease I will describe them as better cells and worse cells.  If you have the worse kind of cells then an operation is out of the question.  Dick has a mixture of both types of cells and consequently the consultant will not operate.  It has been a shocking blow to us and we are faced with acknowledging that we must enjoy the time we have together to the best of our ability, not spend our time chasing rainbows.

Please do not feel overwhelmed and unable to visit or chat with us.  Your comments, visits and general fun have sustained Dick and I over the last month and he is anxious that you should feel able to visit us, as and when convenient to yourselves.  The door is open, the kettle is on, beer in the fridge, whisky in the jar!!  Dick's health will improve in the short-term and we intend to be out and about as much as we can.  Party animals we may not become but we will have a stab at enjoying socialising together.

So many of you have shown us that you feel that "we are all in this together".  From the bottom of our hearts we thank you and I hope that you will feel able to continue that support for Dick over the coming months.  He intends to enjoy his whisky again, travel a little (as long as the consultant agrees), watch rugby as often as he can and spend time in the pub with the boys.  All power to his elbow.


Presents galore

birthday.jpgWho would have thought that getting older could be such fun!  Although I was sad to wake up and know that Dick was in hospital, it was fun to have presents from the boys - more Troll Beads for my bracelet(Hurray!) and then a lovely lunch out with my friends Jules and Jo who also had a great buy-up on Troll Beads.  Finally over to the hospital to see Dick with the boys.

I knew things were looking up because for the first time, Dick met me in the corridor, looking well and in the middle of teasing the nurses.  He was in such good form and it was the best birthday present I could have had when the sister told me that they were planning on him definitely coming home on Saturday.  Hurray, hurray, hurray!

Of course I was spoilt for my birthday by Dick.  Despite all his problems he had still managed to get me a lovely necklace for my Troll Beads and hd managed to buy a lovely lucky dragon bead too.  I know he was so grateful to Alison for managing the whole thing for him and he was thrilled to have been able to give his lovely presents as always.  (Has he forgotten the laptop bought only a few weeks ago???)

There have been no test results and we are not going to think about them.  When they come, they come but we have lives to live and we want to get on with them - even if it only involves sitting in the sun on a lovely day or enjoying our home when the weather is wet.