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A day for reflection


We haven't had the results.  Still waiting.  But Mr Weeden has made it clear that we should not expect them at any particular point.  Another couple of days or even longer would be normal.  However Mr Weeden had a long conversation with Dick which has left us in a reflective mood.  Sometimes facing things is hard but I am constantly aware that we need to face them together and find some strength to make the most of our situation.  We are resolved to make the time excellent and I am reminded of the saying "It isn't the number of breaths you take, but the number of moments that take your breath away!" 

For the first time Mr Weedon has mentioned the possibility of Dick being allowed home.  It might happen this weekend but he needs to have his drain removed and some time needs to pass so that they can check out Dick's response to the recent treatment.  It will be lovely to have him back with us and Monty is sure to go completely mad with joy when he gets home.  I hope those of you who feel able, will feel like visiting him at home.  He would love it and has been really spoilt by the kindness of his friends.  Of course he is safe in the knowledge that I shan't ask him to mow the lawn or decorate the bedroom!! Too many other nice things to do instead.



Getting Stuck Up

Dick has had a gumpy sort of a day.  Overworked consultants have to deal with urgent operations before being able to spend time with their other patients and Dick has been anxiously awaiting the decision about how they will proceed with the Pleuredesis not to mention the biopsy results. 

Finally abut 7pm this evening they carried out the procedure.  It is very painful when it is done when the patient is awake so he was well dosed with morphine before they introduced the talc substance.  In the end I left them too it.  They expected the whole thing to take a good half-hour and Dick had to keep changing his position to ensure a good coverage internally.  I am not expecting him to have a good night although the Sister assured me that they would keep him comfortable with the morphine.

We are still awaiting the biopsy results.  Everything has been held up because of the Bank Holiday and it is not because people are not working hard.  Perhaps tomorrow will bring them.  Dick now has to stay in hospital for at least another 3 days so if anyone is planning a visit, I can be certain he will still be there until Friday.  The biopsy results will determine if he has to stay longer.


Tomato sauce

Dick continues to gain strength and is making good progress.  He has been told that tomatoes are wonderful food for helping cancer so he is now surrounded by punnets of cherry tomatoestomatoes.jpg which he eating his way through! I'm sure it will assist with the constant problem of keeping things moving but if he begins to look florid we may have a good indication why.

We are hoping that tomorrow we shall have the biopsy results and the plan for treatment.  As Dick said, we are now back at the start line so lets hope we can move forward better this time.

He has had continual support from his friends, as have I.  I am now able to organise my time a little more and hope to contact a few of you to thank you for your flowers etc.  Everything has been hugely appreciated even if I have not been able to respond instantly. 



Good news continues

Dick is so much better today.  He is still breathing with oxygen but is full of enthusiasm and life and the usual humour is in full force.

He has had lots of visitors today - which he has much enjoyed and looks forward to Tuesday when normal service in the hospital will be resumed and he can hopefully receive the treatment he has been waiting for.  Next week should give us more of an idea of how things will progress.

I  have little to write other than to say that it is lovely to see Dick eating a decent meal (well decent is questionable - it is hospital food!) and enjoying a laugh with his family and friends.

I shall keep you up to date as things progress but may not have much to write tomorrow as the hospital is working on Bank holiday times.  Thank you for all your good wishes and it is lovely to have your phone calls and e-mails.


Pain is only a sensation of weakness leaving the body!

Well I am really pleased to tell you that Dick is responding well to the chemical treatment he has been receiving.  Although it has been painful and taken a lot out of him in many ways, the x-rays taken today show an improvement in lung capacity.  Basically the left lung was completely full of fluid previously and now there is clear evidence that the top part of the lung is today clear of fluid and he even feels as if he can breathe more deeply.  We are very pleased to hear this news. 

There is still a long road to travel before we can even begin to think about the surgical procedures which might offer some chance of a cure but we have to take our small victories where we can and we are pleased with this one.  It feels a while since we had any success with this nasty disease and all the associated problems so we are enjoying the moment.

Dick is fighting so hard to do the very best he can to overcome his difficulties.  During a visit today Danny reminded him of what they used to say when they ran together at lunchtimes:  "Pain if only a sensation of weakness leaving the body!"  Well, I hope the pain he has endured over the past few weeks has enabled him to feel stronger in his attitude.  If guts and determination are what is required , Dick has it in spades.  Go, Dick!!!