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Party time!

party.jpgI think Dick must feel like he was at a party today.  A total of 12 visitors took time out to visit him and he loved every minute of it.  Thank you everyone!  He makes it clear that he might not be able to chat and might nod off and after lunch managed a sleep of 3 hours but nevertheless it is reassuring and gratifying that people make the effort to see him.

Dick continues to demonstrate how to be upbeat and positive.  His left lung has now totally collapsed so breathing is even more difficult.  He has to take care to use his oxygen all the time otherwise his blood saturation levels  drop and the nursing staff and doctors get worried. We are hoping that this won't make a difference to the procedure on Tuesday.  Certainly from that we are hoping that the exact type of mesothelioma will be identified and from that decisions made about the the further treatments. Personally I cannot wait to get to the other side of the op.  It will give us something to aim for and work for.

I came home to an apple crumble and pasta sauces from my kind fairy, Lesley.  Thanks Lesley - you are just great!  The boys and I treated ourselves to lunch out.  Lovely to have a good roast and to sit down together and chat.  They are great lads and have been superb at supporting me through this.

All your comments are so appreciated.  I take them to the hospital for Dick to read and it is something he really enjoys.  Bless you!


Ever onwards...........

Alas the cavalary has left!  My dear mum packed her bag and returned home, safe in the knowledge that my kitchen floor was clean, my fridge full and my resolve strong to help Dick back to health.  She is just wonderful and so is my dad who suggested she came to visit and ended up having to look after himself and even make his own hot x buns.  Not bad for 84!

Dick had a good day, for the first time he sat in the chair by his bed and was able to enjoy the visits which he had today.  It was lovely to have his brother Bob and his wife visit as well as friends from the army and other places.  Thank you to all of you for making his day. He was tired at the end of the day and had retreated to bed but is full of hope that his op on Tuesday makes him more comfortable and knowing he will not have to carry his Tizer bottle with him wherever he goes - just don't ask!!

I bought the 4th pair of pyjamas for him today as well as a new dressing gown.  M&S are making loads of money from us at present!  He is also beginning to eat a little and asked for grapes to be brought.  Pity the last lot are getting a bit shrivelled now! grapes-300_small.jpg Personally I can forsee another grape harvest at home - he won't fancy them after Tuesday for a while. 

Great to hear from you all.  Dick is still wading through all the lovely comments etc and they are really enlivening his days.





Dick has settled onto the Ward at Southampton General and is getting the measure of the place.  He is very tired today which is not surprising given the adjustment.  He has met his new consultant Dr. David Weeden and they have set up a good rapport and he has confirmed that Dick will undergo the surgery planned for next Tuesday.  Because of Dick's general health and so on, it is unlikely that he will need the suggested time in Intensive Care which is such a blessing.  After that procedure we shall be able to plan for the future and we shall all feel that we are able to be proactive in giving this thing a good run for its money!

The portering staff at Southampton won't know what has hit them!  Dick has already "stiffened the spine" of a couple of them in good DC fashion.  (One walked away and left him with no oxygen!) but you can rest assure that he has them under control even if he can't get enough breath to tell them.  One look says it all!  The jury is still out on the attributes of the female staff!As for fairies, I have seen none today although Dick assures me that he saw a couple in the portering team on the ward!

I am hoping for a calm weekend allowing him to draw breath and build up his energy for next Tuesday.

It is great to see so many of his friends posting and lovely to see them popping in too.  Many thanks.

I remain upbeat and positive.  The intial shock has receded and now I am into the business of getting through the uncomfortable bits to the bits which mean we can get him home to enjoy time together.  He is even threatening to take up drinking whisky again.  Lord help us!


Information re Southampton Ward

Dick has been moved to D4 at Southampton General as of Friday 7th April


Moving day tomorrow

The weather has been lovely today so the front lawn is coming on apace and things improved yet further when the replacement sofa arrived as well.  We enjoy all these moments as a bit of light relief.

Poor Dick had a dreadful night - very little sleep couples with dreadful nightmares that left him exhausted both physically and mentally, all the result of medication that did not agree with him.  When we saw him I was quite upset and worried, particularly as the Cancer Advice Nurse had been the previous day and I think the reality is hitting us all very hard.  But we left him to sleep after our first visit and treated ourselves to lunch in town.  Funnily enough Tom turned up while we are there - he has the homing instinct on free lunch of a starving pigeon!

When we returned to the ward, Dick was much brighter and able to breathe a little easier now that the drain is in although it is causing some concern about its efficiency.  The decision has been made that he will go to Southampton tomorrow and there is no doubt that he will find leaving the Royal Hampshire County Hospital hard.  He has a great rapport with the nursing team and the doctors and will find himself in a new place so I am preparing to support him through that.

We hope that he will be operated on next Tuesday and then will be in intensive care for the rest of the week.  My one concern is that the symptoms which are so debilitating should be relieved for him.

Thank you for all your good wishes, prayers, cards etc etc.  Everything is such a wonderful boost to our morale and we know that we are lucky to have people taking time out for us. 

The Ironing Fairy turned up today.tn_ironing_fairy.jpg  I returned from the hospital and looked out of the window and found that the washing I had put on the line earlier in the day had disappeared.  "Damn," I thought, "Someone's stolen my duvets and clothes!"  I went outside and there by the back door was my laundry basket full of ironed bedding and clothing with the note, "Love from the Ironing Fairy".  I think that Fairy might live very close to me but she is quite wonderful.