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I am feeling a little bereft. I SHOULD have been at C2C today but because of the foot I am confined to quarters! Today they are overdyeing the fabrics we dyed last month. I sent mine to the barn and they have been over dyed for me. Leslie and Claire have kindly organised an extra day in April for me to catch up with the work I have missed so it will be a busy month next month while I try to do the normal visit and then the extra one too. The journey takes almost 2 hours each way, so it is a long day. But the processes are fascinating and I am intending to try to talk more about my thoughts in the creative processes of the work which I am doing rather than just showing finished blocks or finished items.  I think it will be helpful to try and record my thought processes about the decisions which I am making and how I arrive at the final outcome.


Back again soon.

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