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Colour, colour and more colour

Those of you who know me or read this blog will know that I have been a devotee of Kaffe Fasset for many years. So it was a true delight to see his exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey.  My other colleagues from my quilting group, Stitch Connections, met with me and we all went up to see it.  We enjoyed the walk along the Embankment from Waterloo to Bermondsey very much - so interesting with the National Theatre, Tate Modern with its Wibbly Wobbly Bridge and then the Golden Hinde as well as the old Wharfs with their interesting history.

When we arrived at the exhibition we were completely overtaken by the riot of colour which assaulted us.  Nearly all of Kaffe's important works were there and the simple, often graphic shapes together with the bold and daring use of colour were brilliant.

The easiest way for me to show you these is to say less and just put the pictures on the blog.

This is the wonderful Shirt Box Quilt which is made from old shirts. I am gradually "de-boning" Dick's old Shirts with the intention of creating my own version of this.  It will be a lots more pink and blue and yellow.

Everywhere you look, there are beautiful objects.

Isn't this glorious?  It is a wall hanging made of tapestry. the shapes are so organic and similar but the use of colour is sensational.

I am willing to bet that your sitting room doesn't look like this!! Isn't it a wow - and I am told that his own home does really resemble this.  Might not be good for inducing a calm atmosphere!  

 The whole exhibition was a riot of colour, paintings, knitting, tapestry and of course quilts. I defy anyone to look at this exhibition and not feel uplifted!

We walked back along the Embankment, enjoying the wonderful views of London.  It is such a vibrant city.

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