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The garden views

I decided that a post about my garden this month wouldn't go amiss.  I love the garden and the way it has developed over the years.  Last year was the biggest project I have ever undertaken and this is the first year I am able to enjoy what the new planting is bringing.

Certain plants have a poignancy for me - the peonies which Dick loved, the clematis we planted when we first arrived 18 years ago, the rowan tree which we put up to give us some privacy. All of these are thriving. Here are some views from the garden today.

This was taken this morning and now, at 4.45pm the red peonie is out and the sun is shining. The clematis is looking the best I have ever seen it.  It's a bit like snow!

The aliums are out and looking great too.

I am still trying to work out what the plant in the front is called, the one with the large leaves.  If you have any idea please leave a comment - and no, it isn't rhubarb!!


I think we are waiting for another burst of colour.  The tulips were stunning and now that the wind has done its work, no trace of them remains. The irises are in full bud and will be out shortly.  The peonies will come into full bloom in the next couple of days and finally the dahlias and cannas will be planted, giving me all the feel of colour and sun that maes me feel summer has come.  The reality is that as I write this though, the rain is pouring and the flowers are doing their best despite it all.

I wonder what June will bring?

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Lovely photos Sally. That plant may be Elephants Ears. Don,t know what the Latin name is xxx
Thursday, May 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSharon peters

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