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Instant Art Quilts and a lovely speaker

Our meeting of Wessex Quiltmakers this Wednesday was us having a visit from Janet McCallum.  She is a very successful and well known quilter whose quilts I have long admired!  Three years ago I went to the Quilter Guild AGM in Exeter and saw this wonderful quilt of hers there.

If there is one quilt I would love to have in my collection, it is this one!!  The colours are amazing and the silk provides a wonderful sheen to the whole piece.

She led a workshop the day after her talk based on creating an instant art quilt.  There were some lovely outcomes that people created.  Here are a few pictures of what was produced:


My effort.  I know where I am going but you would need to be a genius to see how this can become something worth having!!

Some lovely examples of work by the other attendees on the day.


What lovely outcomes and what fabulous colours!  I hope Janet was pleased with the results.

Helen Stevens kindly brought home-made cakes and organised the workshop venue and really made us all feel welcome.  Thank you Helen!

Yesterday I spent the day at Yateley on the Inspirations to Stitch course.  Terry Donaldson had prepared tray dyeing, thickened dyes for mark-making and also fabric paints for painting on fabric.  As I usually do dyeing and mark-making at Comitted to Cloth, I spent most of the morning painting on fabric.  I would like to share it with you but it is all contributing to a whole which at present I am not sharing!!  Later perhaps.......




Another post the same day.

I thought, having posted the first new post, that I really ought to be posting more up-to-date stuff.  However there was a real gap in my production.  I developed tendonitis in my thumb, going into my wrist and any stitching was completely out of the question.  With time, a little physiotherapy and patience, it is getting better but still has a way to go before it is really completely gone.  At least I am back sewing.

In September I started a course "Creative Journeys in Stitch" with Terry Donaldson at Yateley.  She is inspirational with her work and I  enjoy going to the classes.  At present there are 6 of us and we are all following themes of our choice.  I am working on Islamic patterns with a view to producing a quilt later which depicts Minarets and domes for my post C&G group Stitch Connections.  We are all working toward producing finished pieces in March to the title "Eastern Promise"

However I have so many other projects that it is difficult to keep to just one thing - so I don't try.  I have three quilts of my own on the go:  Eastern Promise, "Hot Air" (part of my Committed to Cloth work) and a new project in the pipeline - Sea Blue for the Quilters Guild AGM in April 2014.

Here is a peek at my sketch book for Eastern Promise:


I have been playing around with creating texture on fabric by writing with a needlenosed bottle and going over it severl times.  This is just once vertically and once horizontally.

But look what happens if you repeat that procedure!

The texture it creates is much better and more exciting.

I have also been practising mark-making.  So my sketch book has lots of marks and textures created by different pens, pencils, graphite stix etc.

So at present I am not yet moving towards designing my quilt properly but am just working with aspects of the subject to try and get a true understanding of the subject.

But other designs are afoot.................................!  Wonder what this will be?



Still in the playing about with and designing stage.............but I am excited!


Finally, just to prove that I do have stuff which is nearing completion.  Here is my "Hot Air" wall hanging.  I have quilted it but need to embellish it with further stitching and also sew all those ends in.  Of course I have to finish it for hanging too!

Still lots to do!


The Shame of IT!

How dreadful to hear from several people that they love reading my blog but that I have not posted for some while.  And they are right.  5 months to be exact!  What in the world has been the matter?  

To be honest, I am not sure why I have not posted.  I suffered a huge mental block on the quilting front and it is rather an embarassment to say "I don't know what to do!" but that was the long and short of it.  Now on reflection, I am nowhere near that situation.  In fact my head is spinning with creative ideas which seem to fly off all over the place.  Some nights I can hardly sleep for thinking about random stuff which is quite silly really as the ideas never are fully formed enough to be able to write them down.

I had a wonderful time at Ineke Berlyn's Retreat.  It was inspiring and I enjoyed working hard.  Ineke is just such a lovely teacher and I think there is a lot to be said about being amongst strangers and then not feeling too intimdated by what everyone else is producing.  I spent the 3 days working on a small wall hanging about my garden.  The New Zealand tree ferns are such an important feature that I took ther fern as my inspiration.

Here is some of my work towards my finished piece.


And finally the finished piece.  I used Lutrador on some square, sheer fabrics on others and I made my own stamped and stencils.  Some fabric is discharge dyed and some is painted.

I think I dyed and printed all the fabrics.  The colour in this photo is not too hot but it gives you an idea of what I was up to.