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The Final Piece in the Plan

This morning I booked the a course for two days in April with the wonderful Stephanie Redfern. Stephanie won the Festival of Quilts 2012 with her quilted and embroidered book Stone Bird. Her work is very ethereal in its presentation and drawns from her experience as a ceramicist. I adore it so much that I have three of her pieces at home - two of which she made for me and which, each day, I look at and love.

The course focuses on sketchbooks and painting on fabric then quilting and embellishing it. Together with the sketchbook course which I am about to start with Design Matters, I hope to develop my confidence in using sketchbooks to move my quilting forward.

Finally I am hoping to book a place on the Ineke Berlyn Summer School in August. This is about sketchbooks as well and also develops the work into Journal Quilts.

What a lovely year in prospect. I shall enjoy the commitment and also the lack of exam presence!

Here for you to enjoy is a picture of one of my lovely pieces by Stephanie Redfern.



Midnight Frost


Morning Frost



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