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I am trying to be self-disciplined and keep up to date with my blog and also to master the new technology (to me!) that is Apple.  There is a lot to like about it all. I have taken a photo of my on-going project which was a result of taking a class with Jan Hassard at the Festival of Quilts.  She is a fantastic teacher - well prepared, generous of her time to each and everyone of her students and always keen to find positives in everything.

Here then is my effort as it is nearing the end of being quilted:

(Please click on the Thumbnail to see a larger photo - still working on some skills!!)


I have learnt a lot of things from doing it.  The main one being about sewing in the ends of the quilting threads.  I did not think too much about it when I started but as each bar has three lines of quilting (both with a start and a finish!) i soon ended up with thousands of ends which needed sewing in - and that was after only the first row of blocks had been quilted!  So I broke the rules and started and ended each line of quilting with the knot that Bernina's create when asked to.  I do know that it isn't a perfect solution but decided that as it is to be hung on a wall, it will not be scrutinized too carefully and also it will not be subjected to stressed as a normal quilt would. My hands have arthritis in them and I find threading needles difficult.  However, I have now discovered self-threading needles! (Yay!!) and also bought new glasses.  Life has improved significantly.

Still much to be done but I think I have broken the back of it all.


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