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Days of sewing and learning

I am just over half-way through my week's retreat in the lovely Somerset countryside although it is true to say that I am seeing very little of it!  My days are spent happily toiling over my sewing machine and  learning new techniques as well as pushing through with a couple of projects which have been lingering for some time.

We are being taught by Dawn Cameron Dick.  It has been a great few days as I am happily sewing away independently on many occasions as my fellow students are very new to quilting and are learning techniques while I want to get on with work which I often don't make time for.  However, yesterday I was full-on in learning modes while we learnt from Dawn about Invisible Machine Applique.  Dawn created this technique to try to provide a way of creating the appearance of hand-turned applique without having satin stitches or blanket stitches around the pieces being appliqued - and very successful it is too!

Funnily enough I am making an appliqued Christmas quilt as part of the on-going work and I am using machine blanket stitch around the pieces as I wanted a slightly more rustic look but in future, I think I shall use the technique I was taught yesterday.

Here is a picture of what can be achieved with the technique.  Click on this link to take you to Dawn's website for more information and projects using IMA

What I am really enjoying is the focus on accuracy of stitching and qualilty of workmanship.  It is something I think I have missed a little and it really is inspiring to see what can be achieved with time and effort.

Sadly tomorrow is the last day but I shall return home with lots of ideas about what to make and how.

Reader Comments (2)

Hello Sally,

How lovely to see you blogging again. I have missed your blog. I shall look forward to hearing about and seeing some photos of your Quilting

Clare x
Saturday, November 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterClare
Thanks Clare. It feels good to be back.
Sunday, November 11, 2012 | Registered CommenterSally Rouse

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